Official Rules

Here are the official rules for the Next American Bully Idol Show & Contest:

  1. Choose only 1 photo per Bully entered. No Duplicates or extra photos to increase your Bullies chance of winning. If multiple entries of the same dog are found. At the Bully Idol Staffs discretion only 1 photo will be retained and all others will be deleted.
  2. Do not post pictures which contain pornographic or offensive content. All such entries will be deleted.
  3. Do not post descriptions with obscene language or offensive content. All such entries will be deleted.
  4. Do not enter links to pornographic sites or ones of offensive nature. Links will be reviewed for any such violations.
  5. Do not place photos of ads for products, services or puppies for sale etc. All such entries will be deleted immediately without notice. If you are interested in advertising visit
  6. Keep it nice and be sure to vote for your friends who are included in the contest.
  7. Make sure to read the rules in each section before posting pictures. Each sections rules will vary
  8. Enjoy